“AGT: All-Stars” – Simon Cowell Makes Big Promises

America’s got talent. That, however, is no longer news.At least this much has been in evidence on the show of the same name. The news is that there will be an “AGT” all-star show, and Simon Cowell has promised it’s going to be brilliant.

Now that’s one reason to look forward to it.

The executive producer of America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell, recently noted that an extension of the series, known as AGT: All Stars, will premiere on January 2.

Cowell said it was terrific, and it was really fascinating to see people who had competed on the American show and done really well competing with people who had won the show in other countries.

The AGT: All Stars, which will be hosted by Terry Crews, is somewhat different in that it will feature 60 of the Got Talent franchise’s past winners, finalists, and fan favorites, among others, who will slug it out to be the best of All Stars.

The 60 acts include musicians Divyansh and Manuraj (India’s Got Talent winner 2022), magician Dustin Tavella (AGT season 16 winner), variety act Dustin’s Dojo (AGT season 9), music act Emil and Dariel (AGT season 9), magician Eric Chien (Asia’s Got Talent winner 2019 and AGT season 14), and rapper Flau’jae (AGT season 13).

Others are ventriloquist Ana Maria Mărgean (Romania’s Got Talent winner 2021), poet Aneeshwar Kunchala (BGT 2022), singer Archie Williams (AGT season 15), musician Avery Dixon (AGT season 17), comedian Axel Blake (BGT winner 2022), the hand-balancing group Bello Sisters (AGT season 15), and a cappella group Berywam (AGT season 14).

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