Ahead Of New Album Release, 25k Previews new Single

There is no dulling, as they say, when it comes to 25K… Hold on, this 25k is not money but one of the buzzing voices in South African music…

Well, as we said, there’s no dulling with him. Anticipation for the songster’s debut album, “Pheli Makaveli,” is high. But that’s not the only work in the songster’s orbit right now. He is gearing to release a new single before the album proper.

It is unknown if the single will be part of the imminent compilation. At any rate, the single, like the album, is generating enormous excitement among the muso’s fans. The songster has just released a snippet of the song, which we find sterling, to retain fans on the altar of anticipation.

Also, the songster, who recently collaborated with DJ Switch and Costa Titch on “Jabulie,” has given a challenge to his fans to design the best cover art for the imminent song. He’ll be giving out 5k rand to the best cover art for the single, according to him.

So if you are good in cover art design, you may want to join in the challenge. What is there to lose? We should love to hear from you, in the comment section below.

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