AKA Addresses Criticism He Is “Not Black Enough”To Speak On Black Issues

In race relations, South Africa has a pretty turbulent history. Decades of apartheid that emasculated the black population have made many blacks pretty sensitive about race. It remains a critical subject in the country to this day.

Recently, riots broke out in the country over an advert by Clicks, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the country. In the advert, the company had shown African hair as dry, dull, and damaged, and white hair as fine – the ideal for anyone concerned.

The advert outraged many in South Africa, who poured into the streets in protest, defying the risks associated with crowds during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans had asked AKA’s opinion on the Clicks advert and they had it. A particular fan had asked of the whereabouts of AKA, Somizi, Pearl Thusi and other celebs when they are most needed – now, following the adverts.

AKA, who had earlier deplored the sporadic classification of him from black to coloured and vice versa, to suit the public’s whim, said the issue was becoming tiring. You can check out his post below.

What do you make of AKA’s take on the subject? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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