AKA Advises Fans To Practice Social Distances While They Get Their Cruz Vodka

Hip-hop champ AKA may be cashing out on his vodka investment, but he isn’t one to compromise the health of his fans – or anyone for that matter – to secure the bag.

As you are well aware, the world is reeling from the ghastly slap of the coronavirus pandemic, and one of the ways to prevent spreading of the novel virus, according to the World Health Organization, is to observe social distancing.

AKA is taking the message of social distancing seriously. In fact he uploaded a video on his verified Instagram channel several hours ago, advising fans to #TakeItEasy and maintain social distancing even as they scramble for Cruz Vodka – you may say the watermelon variety, which is AKA’s brainchild.

AKA isn’t only active in the coronavirus advocacy; he is equally a potent voice against racism, following the killing of George Floyd by the cop Chauvin in the United States. He had in fact called on Africa-Americans to come home.

Well, whether fans agree with his “come back home” call or not, no one is disputing the wisdom of his social distancing appeal right now.

You don’t wanna be the odd one out. Keep your distance while you grab your fizz – or any other thing for that matter.

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