AKA and Nasty C Represent SA Hip Hop On Spotify’s 2023 Most Streamed Artists List

Nasty C and the late AKA represented SA Hip Hop on Spotify’s list of the most streamed South African artists.

The music scene in Mzansi is welcoming of all genres. This year, we saw Amapiano dominate with jams, and Mzansi was impressed. SA Hip Hop also put in a fight with good music.

Spotify recently put out its Wrapped list, and everyone has been talking about it. According to reports, the late AKA and Nasty C are the only rappers who represented SA Hip Hop on the list of the streamer’s Most Streamed South African Artists. That’s huge.

AKA comes in at number 7. The country mourned the Supa Mega’s passing in February this year after he was shot in the head while leaving a birthday dinner with friends in Durban. After his death, AKA’s highly anticipated album “Mass Country” was released on the same date it had been scheduled to drop. It gained positive reviews from fans.

Nasty C, on the other hand, comes in at number 6. The “They Don’t” star also dropped a new album titled “I Love It Here.” It was preceded by several singles and also earned positive reviews from fans. Nasty C joined AKA on the previous release, “Lemons (Lemonade),” the song still buzzed this year.

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