AKA and Nelli Deny Tiff & Break Up Reports… With A Kiss

Days ago reports circulated online that AKA and his girl Nelli Tembi had a bitter fight and came close to filing charges against each other but that the intervention of their lawyers saved the day.

Well, after days of silence on the subject, which had great traction on social media, the two lovebirds have come forward to deny theye had a spat, and even sealed their claim to amity, and no tiff, with a kiss.

Nelli Tembi shared a picture, on her Instagram story, of AKA kissing her. For caption, she stated that AKA is for keeps. AKA was in the comment section of the post to decalim his love for her.

Following the circulation of the news of the fight between AKA and Nelli Tembe, fans had asked the “Bhovamania” rapper if he had broken up with Nelli. He denied with a “Hell Naw.”

The pair may have denied having a fight, but not many are convinced they are telling the truth. Well, ya’ll know time is an obdurate unveiler of truths, yes? The coming months will reveal if the pair had lied or not.

By the way, the pair had a little misunderstanding previously, and AKA had apologized by buying her an expensive Louis Vuitton bag.

Anusie John

John is a linguistic hedonist whose other pastime, besides writing, is reading up on politics and holding leaders to account. He believes Nigeria can be better and is working behind the scenes to actualize that.

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