AKA and Nelli Tembe Serve #RelationshipGoals

and girlfriend, Nelli Tembe serve #RelationshipGoals in new photo.

It isn’t hard to spot a couple in love. Even from a mile away, you will sight them all over each other, or giving themselves that look. Of course, you know what look we mean.

Mzansi rapper, and girlfriend, Nelli Tembe have been together for months now, and are going strong. At least that’s what we see when we sight their photos. It would seem that fans have finally accepted the fact that AKA and have moved on from each other.

Supa Mega once revealed that Nelli is a private person which is why he doesn’t post her up all the time.

On Friday, November 13, the “Bhovamania” star posted her photo calling her his Banana Deluxe. You do know what that means. On Sunday, November 15, he shared a shot of them together. They seemed to love each other’s company more than that of the friends they look to be with in the photo.