AKA and Sizwe Dhlomo Make Up With A Kiss

There is peace in the kingdom, finally. Mzansi rapper AKA and radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo have made up and even sealed their amity with a kiss.

In case you missed the backstory, you might want to hop along. AKA and Sizwe Dhlomo had a quarrel dating back years. Often, they shade each other at the slightest opportunity

In one of his tweets, Sizwe Dhlomo had said that he would f*ck the SupaMega for free. Then, according to him, he would front AKA money for legal fees soon after.

Also, amidst the coronavirus pandemic and its concomitant effects in South Africa, including the locking down of the country and the ban in alcohol sales, Sizwe Dhlomo had advised AKA, a stakeholder in Cruz Vodka’s Watermelon vodka flavour who had been denouncing the alcohol ban, to begin a watermelon fruit hustle instead.

Peace is here now, and the era of shading each other is apparently over. Sizwe Dhlomo interviewed AKA recently, and the pair decided to let amity be. In fact, they reportedly sealed the peace deal with a kiss.

What do you think of the recent restoration of peace between AKA and Sizwe Dhlomo? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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