AKA Announces 3 New Songs, Cross My Heart, Monuments & Energy

AKA is giving fans the triple dose of happiness, as he announces he will be dropping three new songs this Friday.

AKA upon launching revealed he will be dropping some new songs and he will be using the TV platform to launch them. Now the rapper is fulfilling his promises and it got all his fans hyped up.

AKA took to his Instagram page to announce the date for the release and the title of the songs. Supa Mega revealed the three songs to be, “Cross My Heart”, “Monuments” and “Energy”, all songs will be dropping on Friday the 22nd of May 2020.

In other news, AKA revealed he invested a total of R5 million on his new online TV platform. He stated that he wanted to give his fans services that are topnotch, hence why he invested big on the online TV, which carries a subscription of R49 monthly.

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