AKA Announces He No Longer Owes The SARS

Debt is never a good thing, and those under its yoke will tell you just that. Kiernan “AKA” used to owe the South African Revenue Service (SARS), but he’s debt-free now. And he’s ecstatic. Who wouldn’t be? The taxman is as unfriendly as they come – or so the taxpayer will tell whoever cares to listen.

In a post to his Instagram page, had noted that he’s officially debt-free – no longer owing the taxman. The use of the phrase Hallelujah showed just how relieved he was to have overcome that.

For inexplicable reasons, the songster soon took down the Instagram post. However, the post is still active on his Twitter feed, and you can check it out below.

A fan seem to appear unimpressed with the Hip-hop artist’s earnings and he shared his opinion:

By the way, recently joined the debate on weed. Bra might be on the weed and it is – really should be, according to him – nobody’s business.

Also, after a dating break sparked by the death of his fiancé Nelli Tembe, the songster appeared to have joined the dating game again, with “Yass Bitch” rapper Nadia Nakia as his latest catch. So far, though, he’s yet to formally admit he’s dating the songstress.

Well, Kiernan is outta debt, and that’s what counts for now.

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