AKA Blasts Fans Who Dumped Him After His Twitter Rant

AKA blast his fans who cancelled him after his Twitter rant

blasts fans who dumped him after his rant at .

He’s got an ego, and he says whatever is on his mind, but that’s particularly the other reason why his fans love him asides his music. Mzansi rapper, is famous for not holding back whenever he’s got something to say about anyone. Surprisingly, some of his fans arent having it anymore.

Last week, the rapper woke up with his shots fired at fellow rapper and rival, baiting him to sign a boxing contract. It got way out of hand when the “F.R.E.E” rapper called Mufasa a “Moffie” and blatantly insulted his parents.

Well, some of his fans felt he had crossed the boundary with that and threatened to dump him. Knowing the rapper, he couldn’t care less, and he fired back saying “if you can be lost as a fan, then I’d rather you never buy any of my music ever again”.

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