AKA, Boity & Kwesta Addresses The Police The Murder Of 16-Year-Old Nathaniel Julius

South Africans were aghast when news popped online yesterday that Nathaniel Julius, a teenager with Down’s Syndrome, was shot and killed by cops while he was eating at Eldorado Park.

Reports had it that he was eating near a truck when he was killed by a South African policeman, who then threw his body into a truck and took him to a hospital. He was said to have lied Nathaniel Julius was involved in a gang fight.

The teen’s family insisted he had Down’s Syndrome and could not have been involved in a fight as alleged by the policemen.

AKA was apparently following events and was miffed beyond measure. Taking to Twitter, he had denounced the police for being insensitive. He mentioned the police department in his tweet, saying the police is to protect the lives of citizens, not to take them.

He insists there was no justification for Nathaniel Julius’s killing. He shared the same message on his Instagram page, and it had great traction.

Other music artists and celebrities have also joined in lending their voice to find justice for Nathaniel Julius, some of them include Boity and Kwesta. Many fans shared their sentiments. You can check out their posts below.

Well, what’s your take on the killing of Nathaniel Julius? You are welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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