AKA “Breaks To Bits” As The Crowd Let Him Fall During Performance

AKA lands flat on the ground as crowd lets him fall

AKA “breaks into bits” as crowd let’s him fall after attempting a jump during a performance.

He may be the king of the world but not everyone would give their lives for his. Mzansi Hip-hop star, AKA definitely did not see this coming, if he did, then he wouldn’t have tried it.

Everyone knows how much the rapper puts on a great show every time he appears on stage. He has amassed a ton of fans, not just for his music, but also for how much of a live performer he is. We also know he has a habit of jumping into the crowd in the heat of some performances.

Well, that didn’t work out so well at a recent gig in Rustenburg. The rapper attempted to jump into the crowd but ended up falling flat on the concrete when no one could catch him. In the video, he just lays there, mic to his mouth while no one attempts to pick him up. Later on, people from his team come to his rescue.

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