AKA Calls Prince Kaybee Lame For Printing His Name On His Car

Unimpressed by Prince Kaybee’s car move, AKA has voiced his opinion out loud. And it doesn’t look like Prince Kaybee would like it.

In a recent Instagram post, AKA observed that Prince Kaybee has his (Prince Kaybee’s) name printed on the side of his (Princec Kaybee’s) car, describing the action as lame. The post was actually a picture of him and Prince Kaybee outdoors with their pricey rides.

The two artistes are markedly different in their car tastes. AKA is a BMW fanatic and Prince Kaybee is a Mercedes Benz nut. In South Africa, fans of BMW (“Beamer”) and Mercedes Benz (“Mercs”) have engaged in sporadic war on which of the two car brands is the best.

Prince Kaybee would say Mercedes Benz’s engineering trumps BMW’s any day. But AKA would never agree. Neither would Prince Kaybee’s rival Naakmusiq.

Well, it appears like AKA is keen to open the gates of the debate on brand superiority once again with his post about him and Prince Kaybee. Or what do you think?

Well, what do you think of AKA’s response to Prince Kaybee writing his name on his car? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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