AKA Celebrates His PS5 Gift From Nelli Tembe

After news of their tiff went public, it appears like AKA and girlfriend Nelly Tembe are about to start serving Mzansi couple goals again.

In a recent tweet, AKA showed off his brand new PS5, telling his millions of followers that the game was from his girlfriend Nelli Tembe who, days earlier, he came close to filing charges against, and vice versa, according to reports.

In the collage AKA shared, he could be seen holding his game like a clingy lover afraid his paramour would vanish if he should leave her for a second. Another showed him still clinging to his PS5 while his babe watched. The two, AKA and Nelli, looked good together.

Fans have since flooded the comment section of AKA’s tweet, informing the ladies to emulate Nelli Tembe. Somewhere in the comments a lady is trying to contextualize things. According to her, if you should spoil your lady with money, she would use some of it to buy special stuff for you.

Well, are the guys listening? What do you think about Nelli Tembe’s gift to AKA and AKA’s response to it? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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