AKA Criticizes King Zwelithini’s R71m Budget

AKA criticises King Zwelithini's R71m adjusted budget on Twitter

criticizes King Zwelithini’s newly adjusted budget of R71m.

Mzansi rapper, has always spoken his mind for as long as we’ve known him. He has always shared his honest opinion about various issues on social media. This time around, he’s reacting to the newly adjusted budget for the Zulu Royal Household to R71m.

It was recently revealed that the KZN provincial government had increased the annual budget for King Goodwill Zwelithini to R71m. The news prompted a lot of mixed reactions on social media. Reacting to the news, a social media user suggested that the money should have been used to improve the province, especially the rural areas.

This prompted an affirmative response from Supa Mega who later tweeted about the people of Zulu not being bothered by it at all. In his opinion, “their king is their king”.

The annual budget is used for cultural programmes which are headed by the royal and not his salary.

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