AKA Dedicates ‘Cross My Heart’ Song To New Girlfriend But Says She Won’t Appear In Music Video

AKA dedicates "Cross My Heart" to his new girlfriend but says she wont be in the video

AKA dedicates his new song “Cross My Heart” to his girlfriend but reveals she wont be in the music video.

Imagine having one of the country’s biggest stars dedicate a song to you when you’re not even celebrity. That’s great right. AKA must really be in love with his new woman because we’re seeing signs of it on social media.

The Mzansi rapper recently dropped three songs including “Energy”, “Monuments” and “Cross My Heart”. Over the weekend, he took to social media to dedicate “Cross My Heart” to his woman. Isn’t that nice? He shared a photo of himself with her looking all loved up, with a hashtag of #CrossMyHeart prompting lovely comments from fans.

There’s no denying that the Mzansi rapper is very much in love with Nelli. He also hosted a juicy Q&A on Twitter with his fans where he opened up about his life, his feuds, his music and his girl. A fan asked if his girlfriend would be featured in the coming music video for “Cross My Heart” and he revealed she wont.

According to him, she’s a very private person, the first non-celebrity he’s dated since 2008. Now we know why Supa Mega has been keeping her from the media since they started dating. AKA announced his new relationship earlier in the year revealing he and DJ Zinhle had split for the thousandth time.

This prompted backlash from many on social media. However, the “Fela In Versace” rapper defended his choices saying they hadn’t been together for a while.

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