AKA Defends Reebok Despite Not Being Part Of The Brand Anymore

Multi-award-winning rapper, AKA, has shown an element of maturity in dealing with his former family, Reebok. The ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker recently announced that he has not been paid for his sneakers partnership with the brand. He also revealed that his contract with Reebok has ended since December of last year. He stated that he has stopped the production of his sneakers (SneAKA) with Reebok.


My deal expired in December last year. I haven’t been with them since.

After shared his side of the story, users stormed the space to start off the trend, Reebok Must Fall.

Seeing the hashtag trend on Twitter, has revealed that is not his desire. He shunned the hashtag by stating:

Reebok mustn’t fall…we just want to know who’s gonna be the MEDICI FAMILY!!!!

In other AKA news, the award-winning rapper ‘Orchestra On The Square’ is now streaming live on his AKAtv App.

Even though technical issues affected the commencement of his online TV, the issues have finally been resolved. Now, fans of the rapper can watch the live performance on his online TV.

The performance was held at the Sun Arena last year. AKA performed several of his hit singles at the event that was sold out.

AKA’s online TV, which works with a monthly subscription of R49.99, is available on App. Store and Play Store.

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