AKA Extremely Upset With Alcohol Sales Ban

Who is trying to truncate AKA’s hustle? The SupaMega is extremely upset at the recent ban in alcohol sales in South Africa, announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

He is out there yelling “NOOOOOOO.” But would the alcohol ban be reversed? Long before the ban was announced, in a tweet, had kicked against the idea of a ban in alcohol, stating that with Mzansi on lockdown and no shows, he still has to feed his family.

The “Energy” star is a stakeholder in Cruz Vodka watermelon, an alcohol named for him. He has apparently been making money from Vodka sales during the lockdown. Banning alcohol might amount to burning his bakery.

Well, radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo, with whom is said to have had a beef previously, is in support of the alcohol ban. In fact, in a recent tweet, he had asked AKA to begin a watermelon fruit hustle and forget the alcohol thing altogether.

Clearly, has no time for Sizwe Dhlomo’s opposition to alcohol sales. Will the ban on alcohol sales be lifted soon? We are watching events keenly.

What do you make of the recent alcohol ban and AKA’s response? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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