AKA: Fans Reveal There Might Have Been 5 Hitmen On The Scene When Rapper Was Killed

He might be dead, and although his memorial is just a day away and his funeral just two days hence, the theories surrounding ’s death continue to grow, with the latest narrative being that there were five hitmen at the scene.

Recently, a user with the handle @YolaMedupe shared the theory that there were about five shooters on the scene but not all of them get to discharge their arms because one of them had already done the job.

There were several others who shared the same theory, having seriously studied the  CCTV footage from various angles, part of which is shown at the end of this post.

Despite, the storm of opinions on who the killers might be and what their motivations were, some social media users would rather the public stop speculating and let the police do their job. While the police are currently on the case, they are yet to share their verdict on it.

Interestingly, some social media users are of the view that the Tembe family (the family of his late girlfriend Anele “Nelli” Tembe) might have had a hand in the rapper’s murder.

Of course, nothing is clear at the moment and many await the verdict of time to unravel the case. Too bad, Kiernan.

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