AKA In Shock As Australia Witness False HIV Test Result Caused By Covid-19 Vaccine

AKA has got a well-documented interest in the coronavirus which became a pandemic in 2020.

Given that he had once claimed to be infected with the virus – and eventually claimed recovery from it – one shouldn’t be surprised, perhaps.

The coronavirus was more like a bee’s sting in the scrotum. It caught the world unawares, and governments and big pharma around the world have be scrambling to find a potent vaccine for it.

Medical reports indicate a vaccine usually takes years to develop. The onset of the coronavirus has sent many governments and pharmaceutical companies into research overdrive. Australia is one of the countries in the vanguard of the coronavirus vaccine research.

The country’s University of Queensland had developed a vaccine in collaboration with biotech firm CSL. However, clinical testing of the virus in some people returned false positive HIV test results, causing the trials to be abandoned.

The false positive HIV test results from the clinical trial shocked AKA and he made that know in a post on his Instagram page, which you can check out below.

By the way, AKA had been previously mocked online for stating he is circumspect an asymptomatic coronavirus victim can transmit the virus to another person.

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