AKA Is Optimistic His Little Daughter, Kairo, Will Become a Musician

AKA thinks that Kairo will become a musician when she grows up.

AKA, South African rapper and father of one, thinks that one day, his little daughter will become a musician.

The rapper stated that he believes she has the platform and will eventually follow that direction. He also revealed that he is scared for his daughter’s future as a woman in South Africa. AKA thinks that his daughter, Kairo, will follow the entertainment footsteps of her mother and father.

In an interview with Scoop Makhathini on “catching waves,” AKA also stated that her daughter takes the music route, she will eventually go into business.

The rapper said:

But the thing for me is I am scared you know…at the end of the day this is SA and she’s a woman…she’s gonna be a woman one day.

Below is the full interview with Scoop Makhathini. AKA also went further to talk about his career and future in this interview.

AKA is dedicated to promoting his career in music. However, he has also dedicated his time to make sure that he spends quality time with his daughter and makes her life as good as possible.

AKA has earlier confirmed that he and DJ Zinhle are no longer together during an interview on Metro FM. He stated that he had gone on a vacation and that was his first as a single man after many years. AKA is certain that he will always be a huge part of his daughter’s life, with or without having a relationship with the mother of his daughter, DJ Zinhle.

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