AKA Is Pumped About Hitting The Stage After Lockdown

AKA is preparing to hit the stage after lockdown

AKA speaks out, he’s pumped about hitting the stage after the lockdown.

Imagine not getting a reaction from AKA on social media for a while and when he finally speaks out, he charges everyone up. Well, that’s actually what happened. The talented hit maker is spreading a lot of optimism on social media and it’s very much contagious.

The “Fela In Versace” hit maker took some time off social media which was not well received by his fans. They started a trending hashtag which moved the SA Hip-hop star to speak out. And what he said would move you to believe in the coming future.

According to him, it has been hard for artists to not perform for their fans but we are definitely changing the game. We don’t know what he has planned for after the lockdown but we are certain it would be game changing. Of course, Supa Mega always changes the game.

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