AKA Is Suing Nota For Half A Million

SA Hip hop star, AKA is suing media star, Nota Baloyi for half a million Rand.

AKA is not playing. There seems to be so much in the news about him, but he’s doing his best to calm things down. That also includes suing whoever dares say a thing about him that they cannot prove.

According to recent reports, the Mzansi Hip Hop star is suing media personality, Nota Baloyi for a whopping R500,000. This is because of several tweets Nota shared speaking about his alleged abuse of drops, and his questionable relationship with his late fiancee, Nelli Tembe.

A recent video shared by YouTube channel, Mzansi A-Listers reveals the legal papers sent to Nhlamulo. In them, AKA’s lawyers, Mabuza Attorneys pointed out a particular tweet of Nota’s in which he accuses the rapper of being in denial of his alleged substance abuse and bullying his wife. The tweet is deemed defamatory and written for Baloyi’s personal gain.

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