AKA joins Ebro Darden to speak about his new concept EP Bhovamania and his rivalry and upcoming boxing match with Cassper Nyovest

South African rapper joins Ebro Darden about his new concept EP Bhovamania and his rivalry and upcoming boxing match with fellow South African artist Cassper Nyovest.

Video embed and key quotes below, credited to Ebro Darden.

Video | Tells Apple Music About New EP ‘Bhovamania’

Tells Apple Music About The Name of His New EP…

“I’m calling it an EP even though it’s -length, because it’s all centered around a concept, an aesthetic, and it’s the first time I’ve done it this way. And you know I’m a big wrestling fan, so even the aesthetics of Hulkamania, Wrestlemania, all that stuff.”

Tells Apple Music About His Upcoming Boxing Match With Cassper Nyovest… 

“I always want to try to challenge myself to do new things, and to become a boxer takes a lot of discipline. It’s akin to running the New York Marathon. And the best part about it for me is whoever loses needs to shut the f**k up for life. And that’s not gonna be me.”

Tells Apple Music About His Rivalry With Cassper

“At the end of the day, this is hip hop. This is rap. It’s not kindergarten. It’s a contact sport and these things happen. I will guarantee you, I don’t spend my times wandering around wondering what the fk is going on over on that side. Things have been said and things have been done. So the fk what?”

AKA Tells Apple Music About His Support of the #EndSARS Movement in Nigeria…

“We are all bound as Africans. That’s intrinsic in all Africans, is to see when your brother or sister is being oppressed, you use your voice and your platform. Even in South Africa we have our own police brutality. You can link all African people together with those types of experiences.”

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