AKA Keener To Book Cassper Than To Fight Him

While Cassper Nyovest is impatient to get into the ring with his rival AKA for a boxing match, it appears AKA is more interested in booking Cassper Nyovest than in fighting him.

Casspeer Nyovest has mocked AKA’s biceps sporadically, describing them as “toothpick.” Even when AKA did his own #DuduzaneChallenge, Cassper Nyovest’s mordant cynicism was manifest. He had made it clear he was going to demolish AKA when their boxing match holds to make up for the years the “Fela In Versace” rapper had insulted him and his parents.

Cassper Nyovest had accused AKA of stalling and refusing to sign the contract that would see the two of them spar in the ring a la professional boxers. The fight was planned for 2020 but the date was shifted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked by a fan if he was afraid of Cassper Nyovest, AKA had mockingly asked the fan if he had brushed his teeth yet. When another fan asked him to sign the contract, AKA then revealed why he hadn’t done so yet.

He admitted that fight would still hold in 2021, but that his primary focus at the moment is signing the “Any Minute Now (AMN)” rapper, who runs the Family Tree record label.

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