AKA Loses R10K Wager, Clarify To Fan When He Bets On Sports

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes recently lost R10k on sports. It wasn’t his first bet, though; he had won previous bets.

However, when his loss became public knowledge, some tweeps trolled him online, stating he would have had a different outcome if he had listened to them. In reaction to that, AKA had to clarify when he bet on soccer matches.

According to the “Lemons (Lemonade)” chanter, he bet on for fun and doesn’t need to bet to sustain his lifestyle. He also assumed that the tweeter, who had trolled him and informed him of how much he would have won if he had taken his odds, had won something. So he was like, thanks, but no thanks. You can check out the tweet below.

AKA is a diehard Manchester United fan, and his commitment to the club is deep enough for him to get a tattoo of the club’s logo on his arm. Two months back, he had bet on United and was screaming on while following the match he had bet on. Then, some tweeps started laughing and asking him if is now his side hustle.

Kiernan’s latest tweet appeared to have answered the questions, old and new. Can you beat that?

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