AKA Mocks Coronavirus By Getting A Ponytail (Pictures)

The coronavirus may have caught days ago, but it has failed to arrest the hip hop star’s exuberance.

is still on the altar of exuberant living, albeit out of circulation, to avoid the spread of the virus. He has just showed off a new hairstyle – a ponytail – leaving no one in doubt his stay home hasn’t been boring, after all.

He at least had the time to do something fancy to his head. The new hairstyle has been greeted with mixed reactions on social media. While some fans were provoked to mirth by the hairstyle, others thought it remarkably fitting and accentuating of the “Energy” star’s boyish good looks.

Below are some of the pictures of spotting a ponytail.

By the way, based on what he wrote a few hours ago today15 2020 on Instagram, it appears has fully recovered from the coronavirus.

While this is a piece of good news, it also leaves many questions nagging for answers. It is not up to 14 days since announced he was coronavirus positive. Was he truly infected by the virus, fans are asking out loud, out there on social media.

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