AKA Officially Ends Cruz Vodka AKA Watermelon & Banana Deluxe

South African rapper AKA has officially discontinued his business relationship with Cruz Vodka, a brand he partnered with and created the Cruz Vodka AKA Watermelon and the Banana Deluxe.

He ended the relationship on a good note, hosting friends and associates to a good time at the Rocket’s Lolita restaurant in Bryanston in an event dubbed “The Last Summer.”

Explaining the reason behind the name, the “Fela in Versace” chanter noted that the title of the occasion stems from the amicable end to the production of Cruz Watermelon & Banana Deluxe bottles.

The event pays homage to his successful six-year partnership with the brand. AKA noted that although he wouldnt say the brand was nothing before him, the brand couldn’t have been where it is today without him.

In a tweet, the songster had given sales records of the Cruz Watermelon & Banana Deluxe brands, noting that both sold a total of 1.2 million bottles, equivalent to 700,000 litres of spirits. He thanked his fans who supported him throughout his alcohol journey with Cruz.

AKA is halting his partnership with Cruz Vodka to start his own brand. Details about his brand are not out there yet, but the songster said it would be out in the near future.

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