AKA On How “Jealousy” Preaged His Musical Success

He might not be considered a veteran in the music industry, but Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has been in the industry long enough and made a great impact as well. But how did it all start? What were his influences, and what songs presaged his musical success?

Well, the songster gave some insight into that recently. According to the “Fela in Versace” chanter. His song “Jealousy” presaged his success. It was a mixed bag, that one, and was the prelude to the musical success that he became.

The said song has elements of dance music to it, and AKA, reflecting, noted that growing up, he was actually surrounded by house music. So, it somehow formed part of his influences and continues to influence him to this day.

It turned out some of his fans shred the same verdict about the jealousy tune and how it was a foretaste of the brilliance that followed his career soon after.

Well, over the years since the release of the song, AKA has worked his way to what many would call South Africa’s rap aristocracy. He has earned his spot.

If you haven’t listened to jealousy previously, you may want to check it out below.

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