AKA or ProKid? Stogie T On Who Was The Better Rapper Between The Two

Tumi Molecane, the South African lyricist famously known as Stogie T, has weighed in on who is the better rapper between ProKid and AKA. Both, now late, were great rappers in their days. Pro had died back in 2018 and AKA himself had been assassinated on February 10 this year as he stepped out of a popular restaurant in Durban with his pals,

In the world of hip-hop and music generally, comparisons are nothing novel. They have always been there and will always be there. There were comparisons between the two even before AKA was shot at point-blank range alongside his former manager. However, the comparisons assumed new dimensions and gained resonance after AKA’s death.

So, who between AKA and Pro is the better rapper? During a recent appearance on the Choppin It With Bhudha T Podcast with ZIngah, Stogie T gave both rappers their flowers but noted that AKA might have been great, but he was just emceeing and never reached the level that ProKid did.

In other words, Stogie T placed the crown on ProKid’s head as the better rapper between the two. This verdict is especially interesting because Stogie had worked with AKA previously on a number you can check out below.

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