AKA Outraged By Trolls Sexualizing His Daughter And Cassper’s Unborn Son

AKA reacts shockingly to trolls sexualizing his daughter and Cassper's unborn child

AKA shares shocking reactions to trolls sexualizing his daughter and Cassper’s unborn son.

If you have a 4 year old and the internet starts to make jokes about her dating life even at that age, you’d probably be disgusted by it. You certainly would be. That’s AKA’s story right now.

Since Cassper Nyovest revealed he has a baby on the way while announcing his upcoming album, “Any Minute Now” trolls have taken to Twitter to pair the unborn child with Kairo Forbes. Yes, Ew. Of course, Kairo’s dad, AKA was disgusted by it all and took to his page to show it.

Sharing his shock, he reacted to some of the posts with a few words showing disapproval. Some accused him of calling it rape, when he cursed out someone else’s parents on social media. However, a few users sided him, and spoke out against it. That still didn’t stop the trolls.

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