AKA Postpones #FeesMustFallMegaConcert To Later In The Year, Students React

AKA has announced that his Fees Must Fall Mega concert will not be holding as earlier stated.

The event which is a Non profit event which is majorly to raise funds for students to further their studies was suppose to hold on Saturday the 15th of February at the Ticket-pro Dome in Johannesburg. The rapper had earlier stated that there were some details that needed to be finalize to ensure that the event keeps happening annually.

The event is a subsidiary of Mega Fees Foundation which was set up by AKA as a public NPO.

AKA took to his twitter page to make the announcement stating the reasons in his words;

“We have to postpone Fees For All Mega Concert and do it in the middle of the year. it’ll be bigger and better. We want to make sure we have proper structures set up…. We need to make sure the concert is not the end of the funding but a start of the funding that will also fund students in 2021”

See post Below;

Students and other twitter users have now come out with some already proposing their support  for  him, while some think AKA might just be looking to enriching his pocket and might not actually be about the students.

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