AKA Reveals- “I am broke, very very broke”

Multi-award-winning South African rapper, AKA, has made a statement that has gotten everyone curious. His revelation has gotten people to wonder if he is actually sounding sarcastic or using it as a strategy to promote his AKA TV application.

The ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker has taken to his Twitter page to explain his financial situation.

His tweet comes no longer after he revealed that Reebok did not settle him financially for the SneAKA sneakers he made with the brand. He also revealed that he is no longer an ambassador of the brand as their deal has been terminated since last year.

Now, the talented rapper has revealed that he is very broke. He claims that he is so broke that he cannot afford petrol money.

Supa Mega tweeted:

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…I am broke. Very very broke. I don’t have any money…at all. Thanks.

Not wishing anything. This is my reality. I’m struggling right now. I barely have petrol money…

The talented rapper recently created his AKA TV, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App. Store. His online TV can be accessed with a monthly subscription of R49.99. Supa Mega has revealed that ‘Orchestra On The Square’ is now streaming live on his app.

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