AKA Reveals Why He Doesn’t Block People

AKA responds to a tweep who asked why he does not block people on social media

Check out AKA’s response to a tweep who asked why he never blocks people on social media.

The hate towards celebrities on social media is massive, but a lot of them have learned how to cope with it. A lot of times, we hear of celebs blocking trolls on various platforms especially Twitter.

Funny enough, we have never heard about AKA doing that. The SA Hip Hop star is undeniably one of the most trolled people on Twitter, still he never blocks anyone. A fan recently took to the platform to ask him why, and he gave him a Supa Mega reason.

Replying the fan, he stated that blocking trolls would only make them know he noticed them. However, if he doesn’t block them, they would be left wondering whether he noticed them or not. That is indeed a great reason. Well, it still means he will see a lot of hate everyday.

I have a question, why haven’t I heard about you blocking people who are disagreeing with you on this app like other celebrities?” 

“Because if I block someone then they will know that I have noticed them, and that will give them satisfaction. If I don’t block, reply, RT or whatever at all … then you will spend your life wondering if I know you exist” – AKA

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