AKA Rocks New Andre 3000 Hairstyle

SA Hip Hop star, AKA shows off his new hairstyle inspired by OutKast star, Andre 3000.

Since we have known Supa Mega, his hairstyles have always stood out. While he played it safe when he started out, the recent years have seen him go all out, and rock striking styles have been very well admired.

Every time we think he has finally settled for one, he switches things up and goes a different route. The last hairstyle he rocked was the dreads. Of course, that had us wishing we looked good enough to pull it off. However, the “Energy” star has switched things up again for a new one.

This time, he channels OutKast star, Andre 3000. He debuted the hairstyle in a short video shared to his Instagram stories with the caption “So Fresh So Clean”. And yes, we love it. Thing is, he might just switch things up again when we get comfortable with this one.

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