AKA Says That The Person Who Took A Video of Him Kissing Another Woman Did Him A Favour

AKA says that the person who took a video of him kissing a lady did him a favour.

No long after confirming that his relationship with his baby mama, DJ Zinhle, had ended, a video of AKA kissing an unnamed girl surfaced online and instantly went viral on social media. Afterwards, AKA went public with his new relationship.

Twitter users have expressed different opinions on whether talented rapper, AKA, moved on too quickly from his past relationship with DJ Zinhle and how it looked insensitive to start a new relationship after a short time.

Multi-award winning rapper, AKA, finally took to Twitter to break the silence on the viral video, following his romantic Valentine’s weekend with his new lover in Cape Town.

AKA tweeted:

That TMZ style video someone took of me while out for dinner the other night was probably one of the biggest favors someone did me. Thank You whomever that was.

The Fela In Versace hitmaker also revealed that he had been single since last year, even though some Twitter users find it humiliating for his baby mama, DJ Zinhle.

AKA said:

Humiliated by what? A relationship not working out and someone moving on? Cut the bullshit.

The talented rapper stated that his decisions are intended to enable him move forward in a situation that might inflict harm on him.

Soon after confirming that he and DJ Zinhle had called it quits, AKA was spotted kissing a lady. Afterwards, he posted a picture of his rumoured lover on his social media page.