AKA Sends Prayers To All Workers In Hospitality Industry

Mzansi rapper, AKA sends his love and prayers to all workers in the the hospitality industry.

From last year into this new year, things have not been as we used to know them. The global pandemic has affected many in the worst ways, costing people their jobs and means of livelihood. Some have been in a really bad place since the previous year.

It has been a sad story. It would seem that award-winning SA Hip Hop star, AKA is in a place of reflection because he recently took to his Twitter page to recognize those affected by the pandemic. He sent his love and prayers out to both people in the hospitality and also the entertainment industry.

He ended the tweeted by urging them to ‘stay strong” and “be resourceful”. His tweet was well received by fans and several other Twitter users who appreciated him for thinking of them.

John Jabulani

John is a music and media enthusiast who has created content for several years. He is also a singer and a songwriter. He is fascinated by stories behind hit songs and also by the artists who create them.

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