AKA Shares His Facial Cleansing Routine

AKA reveals his facial cleansing routine

Here’s everything you need to know about AKA’s facial cleansing routine.

Mzansi rapper, AKA shared his facial cleansing routine with fans on Instagram on Tuesday, 30th June, and it was the most hilarious thing. For a minute there it felt like he wasn’t a Hip-hop star anymore but some beauty vlogger getting a weekly facial.

The routine started out with Hydra-Gel eye patches being placed just beneath his eyes. The patches hydrate the eyes so he doesn’t get dark circles. In other words, they make his face glow. Later on, a light gold mask was placed on his face with the patches still intact but we didn’t get to hear what it does. Maybe it lets everything set; the glowy face.

Also, drops of vitamin c serum were placed at various spots across his face to prevent acne. It was both a relaxing and rewarding routine. The aftermath did have his face looking flawless.

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