AKA Sings His Father’s Favourite Song

Multi-talented rapper, AKA, is one of the few celebrities who are most active at night. While people are busy sleeping, the award-winning rapper usually takes over social media.

Several fans of the ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker try to stay awake just to know what their favourite rapper is up to.

This time around, AKA shared a throwback song by Lionel Richie titled ‘Sail On.’ The talented rapper gave an awesome performance as the song happens to be one of his father’s favourite songs.

Before thrilling us with his awesome performance, AKA revealed:

This is one of my dad’s favorite songs.

Night time seems to be AKA’s favourite period of the day. The rapper has revealed how listening to music in the midnight gets him going.

Supa Mega said:

Im so excited, midnight your music.

We have witnessed AKA perform on stage with autotune when it comes to singing. However, we had no flick of an idea that AKA could sing so well as he sang along with the entertaining track.

This happens to be one of Supa Mega’s unplugged performances. Let’s be honest; AKA’s voice is marvelous!

Maybe it’s high-time he ditched the autotune.

Watch AKA’s performance in the video below and tell us what you think.

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