AKA & Sizwe Dhlomo Bury Their Feud, Apologies Made Over Offensive Tweets

AKA and Sizwe make up and make apologies over their offensive tweets

and Sizwe Dhlomo bury their feud, and trade apologies over offensive tweets.

It was truly a weekend filled with drama as the and Sizwe Dhlomo dragged on. Fortunately, both stars have buried the hatchet and made up. The feud first started when Sizwe commented on Supa Mega’s bad business skills. The “Energy” rapper didn’t take it too well and made fun of his bootleg jeans in return.

The beef was stretched to the point where Supa Mega took to to question why Sizwe’s grandfather had a farm during Apartheid. This prompted the media man take Tweeps through his family history. Later on, took to to announce that they had both ended their feud.

According to him, they spoke and decided to end the feud because of their history with each other. The “Monuments” rapper also apologized to Sizwe’s family for his insensitive tweets. He revealed he had educated himself on the sacrifices Sizwe’s grandfather and those close to him had made.

He called his tweets ‘reckless’ and ‘stupid’. You can say the feud lasted a little under one week. It became one of the most talked about beefs last week with also weighing in on it.

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