AKA Talks Childhood, Docu-series, SneAKA, DJ Zinhle, Rap Beef & More

AKA talks about his childhood, Docu-series, Rap beef, and more

comes clean about everything, talks about his Childhood, Docu-series, SneAKA, Zinhle, All Eyes On Me & Beef with Helen Himbiri.

It isn’t everyday that we get to see some of the biggest stars really open up about their lives. Asides the occasional blow ups and the usual back and forth on social media, most artistes keep the real truth to themselves.

Most, but definitely not Supa Mega. The outstanding SA star is known for his unadulterated opinions which usually hit hard everytime it airs.

Sitting in with Helen Himbiri, the ‘Fela In Versace’ singer opens up about so much, enough for his fans to know what’s in his head. He talks about his planned docu-series which we cant wait to see, SneAKA, Zinhle, All Eyes On Me, and Beef.

You can catch all of that on I(m)bali Live with Helen Himbiri. Get to know about his life, his family, his career, the SA industry, and more.

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