AKA Tell All Interview: See Verdict Of A Body Language Expert

AKA recently had a tell-all interview, regarding his relationship with his late fiancée Nelli Tembe, which was shared on YouTube. A body language expert has gone through the interview and has her thoughts about it all.

Courtney Kleu, who runs The School of Etiquette and also teaches body language, said she had viewed the video and also noticed micro expressions, which are tiny movements to a person’s face.

She says she usually looks out for the seven universal emotions, which are Happiness, sadness, anger, contempt, disgust, surprise, neutrality.

Explicating, she d said sadness s what you see on someone’s face when they have had a traumatic experience. Disgust, she says, is when something doesn’t like shows instantly on one’s face.

On AKA saying “and she threatened to kill her,” Kleu insists the statement shows contempt. And she wonders why he should show that, having supposedly lost someone who was dear to him.

Also, on AKA saying “I looked down the street and there she was,” Kleu says that also shows contempt as well, for AKA was supposed to be distraught.

By the way, AKA had stated elsewhere that he treated Nelli Tembe like gold.

You can check out Kleu’s detailed video interview below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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