AKA Tells His Male Fans to Get Themselves A ‘Lekker 21-Year-Old’

AKA advises his male fans to get themselves a 'Lekker 21-year-old.

Award-winning South African rapper, AKA, might be crazily in love or just so excited that he decided to share some relationship advice with his followers.

The talented rapper had taken the Twitter scene by shock when he advised his male fans to get themselves a ‘lekker 21-year-old.”

Fans of the Supa Mega were divided at AKA’s statement. While some agree with his statement, others called it an inappropriate statement.

The ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker wrote:

Find yourself a lekker 21-year-old my broer. Trust me.

After making the tweet, the talented rapper revealed that he had been enjoying intimate moments with his new lover, Nelli Tembi. This made the ‘lekker’ statement he had written very clear.

A video that has surfaced online was also tweeted, where AKA and his new girlfriend, Nelli Tembi, were heavily making out. AKA had shared it on his Instagram stories but deleted it much later.

The ‘All Eyes On Me’ crooner also responded to one of his fans, who posted a video of a young woman with an older man, and the man expressed his desire to be intimate with the woman.

AKA wrote above the video:

Trust me, these are the vibes boet.

Supa Mega also subtly shaded the relationship age gap between him and his former lover, DJ Zinhle. This was when a fan stated that he is twenty-five and dating a woman that is thirty-one-year-old.

AKA wrote:

Hayi (No). Good luck my brother.

AKA’s former lover and the mother of his daughter, recently revealed that the two of them did not end their relationship on bad terms.

She revealed that she has not addressed the issue because she is a busy person and she hasn’t gotten the free time to talk about it.

also revealed that she and AKA are civil for the sake of their daughter, Kairo.

She said:

Kiernan, my mom and I, everyone is just getting along. Our break-up hasn’t broken up the family.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship to make a family work and that is what we are trying to do now.

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