AKA Test Positive To Coronavirus, Cautions South Africans

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, the South African rapper who goes by the stage name of AKA, has tested positive to coronavirus. The songster admitted this himself in a press release shared on his social media channels.

According to the “Energy” star, he is making his status public in order to create the awareness about the virus, as well as sensitive the populace not to stigmatize those suffering from the virus.

Anyone can be infected, according to him, so he is calling on South Africans to adhere to stipulated health guidelines, including social distancing, wearing face masks, as well as sanitizing their hands regularly.

He didn’t reveal how he contracted the virus. However, he maintained that he had adhered to the health guidelines stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the South African government.

Having made his status public, it is expected more members of the public will begin to take the virus seriously, as well as take precautionary measure to say safe.

AKA, who shared the drugs he has been taking for the virus, has been inundated with get-well wishes from his fans across the world.

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