AKA Treats Fans To Stunning Pictures Of New Girlfriend Nelli Tembe

DJ Zinhle is no longer in the picture in AKA’s life. In her place is a new lady who goes by the name Nelli Tembe. AKA is deeply enamoured of her, apparently.

He has shared pictures of her from time to time, showing just how much he is into her. His posts on her usually elicit mixed reactions. Yesterday, 7 August 2020, the “Fela In Versace” rapper, who has just won a SAMA in the Video Of The Year category, shared two picture of Nelli Tembe on his Twitter page, with the laconic #BHOVAMANIA as caption.

As usual, it was a mixed bag of reactions for the SupaMega. While some fans think Ms Tembe “fly,” others questions his taste in women, describing it as incredibly poor; and yet others could not be bothered about the image shared on Twitter, asking, instead, for Nelli Tembe’s Instagram handle.

Well, AKA has made his choice on the woman he wants to be with, and there is nothing the denizens of twitter can do about it. Or what do you think? By the way, Nelli Tembe is keeping a low profile in her relationship with the hip hop chap. Some fans even call her reclusive.

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