AKA Upset With SAMAs For Having “Too Many Nominees” In Video Of The Year Category

Does this year’s SAMA have too many nominees in the Video Of The Year category? Mzansi rapper thinks so, and he is somewhat upset, firing grenades in the direction of the award body.

is nominated in the Video Of The Year Category for his video “Jika,” which features Yanga Chief. In this category are nominated 18 other videos. Artiste’s like K.O and are nominated, making it particularly keen contest. These artistes are just as popular as AKA. Does this perhaps explain AKA’s chagrin?

At any rate, in saying the category has way too many nominees, has got many supporters. Some of them even stated the South Africa Music Awards literally nominated every music video released the previous year.

While this might sound like an exaggeration, isn’t challenging it. The songster, who denounced the R2k relief fund for artistes days ago, is particularly keen to win the award, as he had told Mzansi earlier to focus on the Video Of The Year category in their voting.

Do you think there are too many nominees in the Video Of The Year category as had said? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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