AKA Working On New Music Months After Nelli Tembe’s Death

Life must go on – or rather the music must go on – “Fela in Versace” star has made apparent by return g to music two months after his lover plunge to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town.

Amid the tragedy, still managed to get into the studio to record a song, his biggest fan Thulisa said in a recent tweet, confirming having listened to the song.

Another DJ, who may have listened to what may have been working on in secret, stated it wasn’t exactly a song by an EP, and that it’s lit.

This revelation will please stans who have been clamoring for new music for over a month. Whatever he is working on, he has not personally detailed to the public. But that won’t be long.

His return to making music will especially please his fans who have been clamoring for his return following the tragic incident of April 11.

Returning to music is also an indirect slap in the face of those trying to silence him, including a. Non Governmental Organization, which had claimed in several online posts that he was privy to his fiancée Nelli Tembe’s death.

Well, what do you think of AKA’s return to making music? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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