Akani Simbine Stuns To Victory In The Diamond League 100m

South African sprinter Akani Simbine is in his winning era and has just left behind the likes of Christian Coleman and Fred Kerley, who were formerly world champions.

Simbine, a South African, blasted ahead to win the 100 meters in 10.01 seconds at the Diamond League meet in China on Saturday, creating a personal record and making his compatriots.

Siombine’s win was a bit of a surprise to most people because he didn’t get off to a flying start. Coleman, the world record holder, was leading most of the way. However, he couldn’t maintain that momentum till the end of the race.

South Africa’s Simbine pulled off a coup of sorts, breezing to victory over the last 20 meters of the race. It was a spectacular win that provoked instant debate on social media and elsewhere.

Most people who observed what actually went down had nothing but praise for the South African, who they believe exemplified the reality that people should never look down on their abilities or what they can do even though it might appear that they are the underdogs or have not got off to a great start.

The win casts Simbine in a new light and yes, many people have their eyes on him now.

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