AKA’s Comparison of Nasty C to the Late PRO Divides Fans

Linda Mkhize, the Motswako rapper who goes by the stage name of PRO (or ProKid) apparently made a great impact on the rap scene and is still being remembered for it.

This much has been apparently for a long time, as rappers, from Khuli Chana to ProVerb to Gigi Lamayne, routinely throw his name around as one of the major rap voices Mzansi has ever had.

The latest to vouch for PRO’s gift and appeal is the “Fela In Versace” rapper AKA, who recently compared the compared the “Zulu Man With Some Power” Nasty C to the late rap icon. AKA made the comparison in a tweet yesterday November 21.

AKA’s take on Nasty C’s talent has elicited mixed reactions. While some fans think he is right with the comparison – really hit the nail on the head, as the cliché goes – others think PRO was on a world all his own and no one should be compared to him.

Nasty C is yet to comment on the comparison, but it looks like it is something that would please him. He and AKA are chummy. In fact, Nasty C had confessed at some point that AKA was one of those instrumental to his rise as a rapper.

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